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Welcome everyone!

    Zamprogna is one of the greatest actresses that has ever shown up on screen. She's mostly known for her role as Felicity in the TV series Road to Avonlea, and she has starred in many movies through her career as an actress. Many people consider her a very talented person, and I believe she's beyond that.
This page is dedicated to her work as an actress. I have decided to compile all the information about Gema on one place, and if you have any suggestions I'd be glad to accept them. There's not much info about her really, so I thought she should be more exposed, and people would get to know her acting capabilities better:) .
Not all the pictures are used with permission, because I couldn't find the sources for all of them. So if you think your picture isn't supposed to be here, tell me, and I'll take it off.
I have no way of taking caps myself, which is quite a problem, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did while creating it.:)

*Most of the photos are from Damian's site, which, for some reasons is gone from the Net for a long time. :( 

Page reopened:

-Site finaly reopened. It took me a while, there it is. From now on, I promise to update more regulary.:o)





















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